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Charlie Palla

Hi there! 

 I'm the Sales Exe at OMI STONES. For years, I've been so fortunate to have worked in various industries and have learned all the insights necessary for success - from customer service to management. I'm passionate about my work and I am determined to do my best to help our business reach new heights. At OMI STONES, we don't just strive for success - we take it one leap further and exceed expectations. Our enthusiasm, hard work, and commitment will get us where we want to be. With dedication and drive, we can make this an even more successful journey that we'll be proud of. With me at the helm, I'm sure we will reach our goals, as I know your determination to become the best you can be is unyielding. Together with hard work, we will make OMI STONES a company that surpasses any others. Let's make this an unforgettable ride!

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